It’s (almost to the hour) been a month since my previous Huel post. Figure it’s time to follow it up.

tl;dr it’s still good

This is a followup to Huel - First Impressions

How much you been having?

I’ve been going with two shakers worth per workday give or take the odd day. On weekends I’ve been keeping to regular food because I’m usually at home and it’s handy enough to grab food whenever. Specifically I’ve been having the coffee flavour for breakfast and the original flavour for lunch. Regular food for tea.

The money bit again

In the last post I mentioned how I split my order with Fox, I’ve since re-ordered a couple of bags. The amount I’ve gone through was around about two pouches, that sets my monthly cost at the standard order £45 (£40.50 if using their subscription thing). Handy that.

Especially when you consider that a standard week of lunches at work winds up about £84/mo minimum, top end around £200/mo if I’m having cheeky coffees on the way in. Replacing lunch with Huel is basically profitable at this point. 😂

The return of the gut fillingness

I mentioned how I’d gone with the 4 scoops in the last one but since then I’ve switched it down to the recommended 3, I’ve had no problem with this so far. The stomach’s still full and doesn’t randomly purr at me. All well on that front

Gaseous Maximus

I think my innards were confused with the change. Not gonna lie. There was bit of excessive backfiring now and then, but nothing too bad. Fizzled out after a week or so. No real worries there.


So far I’ve tried the Vanilla, Original, and Coffee flavours. I’d rank them in that order I think. I’ve seen a lot of hype on the Huel forums about Original being the best flavour but honestly I think their new vanilla flavour is better. For reference Original is another version of vanilla flavouring.

Wrapping up

I reckon I’m onto a winner with the Hueling, going to stick with it. It ticks all the boxes in terms of easy eating and knocks out one of my largest expenditures per month.