Been jumping on another hipster bandwagon. This time, Huel!

tl;dr: We’ve got another 10/10 for a hipster product! I’m going to have to start reviewing vape flavours and coffee blends if I keep this up.

Money money money

First up, it’s a bit pricey at a minimum order of 2 bags (£45). They say they took away their sample size because it doesn’t give you enough of a feeling for it but I disagree. I enjoyed the stuff from the first chug.

I went in halfsies with Fox who also wanted to try it out, which wasn’t a bad plan for testing purposes - if in in doubt find a friend to split your order with (You gotta order at least 2x of the pouches) - bonus it also means you can both get a tenner off your second order if you use the coupon from the first order!

A stop off at flavour town

When you first mix it, you’re confronted with something that could possibly have been puked prior. It’s not exactly a 5 star meal with garnish placed delicately on top but it’s not bad.

Personally I went for the plain old vanilla flavour because I wanted to give it a fair shot without worrying about a naff flavour - I’ve tried protein shakes before, I know that chocolate can sometimes mean chalk dirt..

Naturally only having tried vanilla so far I can’t speak for the others but the one I have tried I’d describe as quite a premium flavouring. It’s not like it’s whatever Huel tastes of naturally with a hint of flavour sprinkled on, it actually tastes like the flavour is built into the mix. I dunno, it just tastes.. premium.

Gut fillingness

I missed breakfast, nothing to do with trying Huel, just straight up too busy to eat. Handily that put me on a completely empty stomach (complete with thunderstorm gut noises all damn morning) when I had my second dose of Huel. I caved to temptation at around 11am and had my 4-scoop mix. Huel’s packaging has directions to mix 3 scoops with water but honestly it felt ever so slightly too thin for me. If you’re gonna go oat drink, go all in oat drink!

Side note if you make it in advance (night before for breakfast, when you get to work if lunch, etc) - chuck it in the fridge. The vanilla one has a flavour and texture reminiscent of them Oreo Krushem milkshakes KFC does when it’s chilled.

As I say I had the Huel at 11am, from an empty stomach I felt full all the way through until around 6pm and could probably have pushed further if I had to. Not bad! Usually I’m grazing on all sorts of crisps and other snacks throughout the day.

Alright summary me up

In summary I recommend giving it a go if you can afford it without it breaking the bank. Doubly so if you spend more than the cost of the Huel for lunch at work. Personally I’m trying it in an attempt to cut down on spending during the day. I figure if a 50 quid lot of Huel can last me a month it’s a damn sight cheaper than the 80-200 quid a month I’ve been splashing on lunch at work.

I plan on following up on this after a week of using the Huel if anything drastic changes, and another a month into it to see if I’ve stuck with it

Relevant nerd reference

A gif of Star Trek Voyager’s Seven of Nine saying “I have no desire to have fun”


I followed up this post at Huel followup - one month in