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Apple’s done it, Amazon’s done it. Microsoft? Been there, done that. [Pinky goes to lip] One trillion dollars.

Here’s the thing though - my brain taps out at about a billion in terms of picturing just how much cash that is. Scratch that, I probably can’t even picture a million honestly.

Let’s set the stage a little. Say you’ve got a grand knocking about. You decide to spend a dollarydoo a second and see how long it lasts.

Hypothetically you don’t realise you could just calculate the answer. We’ll also assume you’re storing the cash in an old sock or something so we don’t have to worry about calculating interest… also there’s no inflation? Shut up.

Spending a dollar a second, your grand runs out in just over 16 and a half minutes. Welp. That explains the credit card bill.

Say you had a million, same rules otherwise. Your slow splash of cash now lasts a whopping… oh. 11 and a half days.

Billion? Here we go. This is the big cheese. If you’re spending a billion at one dollar a second you’re now lasting over 30 years. Neat!

Alright so the big T-rillion. How long does that last?

31.6 thousand years

People in the crowd who can maths gud be like “yup that’s how numbers be”