Whenever you write an article do you think “man, what sort of hyperactive nutbar wrote this?”

I don’t know if it’s just my writing style (read: brain dump) or what, but whenever I run the publish commands I get a spike of anxiety relating to “if someone reads this they wont know what the heck I’m rambling on about”

Maybe I should whittle each post down a bunch before saving? Problem there is that I’d never actually post anything, I’d still be writing and rewriting my post about switching to Hugo if I did that.

I’m also aware that this blog is the equivalent of the podcast genre Two Dudes Talking. There’s not really much here and a lot of it is fluff. Could really do with writing a tutorial or 10 on that front. But what to write about? The majority of this site’s audience is people still having problems with their Windows 8 wifi as far as my stats show, so I don’t even know what market I’m in here!

Do you write about the simple stuff, stuff for people first getting into the various things I know about? Pretty boring for folks who already know it. Do you try to go really ham on the latest and greatest thing learned? Probably just get it all wrong.

Restrain myself and only post when there’s something new to post in my projects? When it comes to my own side projects I’m a bit of a slacker, there might never be a post on the site again! Not to mention they’d all be disappointments. My bailed-on projects list is infinitely larger than my shipped-it projects list. You’d get to read about my hopes and dreams for a new idea and then the crushing fizzlement a few weeks later when I move on to the next shiny pen.

I’ve been told by friends (who are obligated to be nice, course) that they like my writing style so that’s a thing I guess? Hopefully you do too. I mean you’ve read this post where I’m waffling meta about posts so there’s that.

I’m also pinching an idea from CGP Grey soon, where I write a bit about the books I’ve recently read, that should be a decent bit of blog fodder. Not reviews as such, just notes about the highlights I’ve made while reading.

The phrase “fake it till you make it” keeps crossing my radar. Maybe I should just write about how I’m doing all these awesome great projects that are going well and in reality I’ve barely even ran the “Init Laravel” commit yet?

I dunno. Let me know what you think, or just roast the heck out of my writing over on the Twitter! Every little helps, I’ll figure out what I’m upto eventually.