Gave my site a new splash of paint. Good times. Roast away.

I mean I say redesigned. I didn’t do squat in regards to the design other than install the theme “hugo-theme-hello-friend-ng” (great branding lol) and make a few tweaks to make it my own.

I realised I was rereading my posts using Instapaper because it was nicer to read. Hey slightly younger me, maybe change your site if you don’t even like it yourself?

Why I chose this theme

I picked this theme because of the post list honestly. Do love me some of that year by year listing with the dotted lines. I was also looking for a dark theme and there’s not many of them.

What you changed chief?

First thing’s first I scrapped the entire footer copyright and credit nonsense. I’m not hiding who made the theme (it was rhazdon) and I’m not hiding that it’s powered by Hugo. I just don’t want to have a footer on every page saying that, it looks messy.

Scrapped off the blinking cursor in the logotext. It was a neat effect but I found when reading it was distracting.

Added back in my comment system powered by my discourse instance. Changed to a dark theme there too, as well as changed the comment embed CSS to match this site.

Tweaked the cover image up top so that it’s height-limited so the image doesn’t take up too much screen space.

Added the ever-important Patreon link to the footer. Obvs.

Issues and gripes

The damn homepage is being weird (on the public site I’ve just redirected it to the posts listings for now). Sometimes hugo renders it. Sometimes it doesn’t. Or maybe the browser’s not rendering it. Or maybe it’s my eyes and I’m just not seeing the text on the homepage for some reason. I haven’t got a clue what’s up with that. Stick it on the laterbase.

[Edit literally after publishing this post: oh hey it works now. nice.]

Why are you posting about it though, nobody cares

My task manager said I was due for another blog post and I couldn’t think of anything else to write. What do you want me to write about? Hit me up in that there contact form