Ok so 12 in 12 is not looking super feasible. Not so much in a being able to do it, because I can do it, but because I’m going to burn myself out doing it.

What I’m saying is I’ve not made enough progress on Hosted to launch it at the end of the month. I think this 12 in 12 without burning out is something unemployed people can do, but not someone with a full time job and housework that needs doing. I’m not giving up on the whole release stuff angle, more just giving up on stressing myself out on it. It’s a fun thing, lets make it fun!

Also there’s the 90% failure point looming. No not 90% failure rate, I mean when a project gets to about 90% I get shiny pen syndrome and start looking at another project to start. That’s what this whole thing was supposed to be about, at the start of the month I am allowed to look elsewhere and get on something new.

Anyway have a look at this. The main goof I’ve gone and done is that I’ve set myself a damn resolution instead of a theme, but I’ve called it a theme.

My ego thinks this video was made specifically for me, but it’s just a pure coincidence or a good time estimate on when people ditch their resolutions. Feels like a nice kick in the arse to get back on track. It’s a theme, not a resolution. Let’s get on it.

Worst case I park Hosted until I feel like it again, I’ve got a few shorter projects that are gagging to become websites. The universe doesn’t reward input, it rewards output. I can’t do what I was intending when I started writing this which was to make it a 6 projects in 12 months and use Feb on Hosted too.. nah. Forget it. I’ll get nothing done, and probably burn myself out.

Having said all this, I get like this before finishing something. I’ll wind myself up and unleash a dam of self doubt and imposter syndrome then a week later it’s like “oh yeah that went well actually. nice, next” so I’ll probably be thinking the opposite of this 20 minutes after posting it.

Also, I’ve still not streamed a damn thing of it so far. Muppet.