No, not the gooey creature. The thing like what’s attached to the URL of this post

Another one of those random wonder situations while using Laravel’s Str::slug()

Oh hey, me, why do you reckon they call it a ‘slug’ of all things?

Well, past me. I had a look into it a bit and it turns out it is actually named after the gooey creature.

Comes from the ye olde paper-based blogs they call newspapers. When an article is being put together it’s given a short name, sort of like a project name. This name would remain the same throughout the article’s life - from reporter through to editor - it left its trail through the process. Like a slug.

From there like things such as text it was one of the parts we kept when we went digital

It’s a picture of a slug i drew on the ipad. He is a happy lil fella and is saying “I make goo!”