You there. Yes, you. Working on your side project, trying to figure out Kubernetes or whatever at the same time. Get in here.

What are you doing? You know how to host a website, you’ve been doing it over a decade. This project you’re working on does not need a 3x node Kubernetes cluster with auto CI build and deploy from GitLab, what are you doing?

No it doesn’t need you to set up some self-hosted Heroku, Dokku, Flynn, whatever thing. Come on man, just write the dang code. If you ever get the users that that sort of thing is needed slap a Varnish server in front of it and worry about scaling it up then.

Write. The. Damn. Code.

Image is of a lil monkey fella looking into a small round mirror. The monkey is looking at the camera via the reflection.

Spoiler alert: Talking to myself.

Update 2019-05-04: was messing me around so I rage-infrastructured after it sucked out all my code oomph.

Got this little number set up for now..

Oopsies ๐Ÿ˜…