Apple’s upcoming era of scuba goggles. I’m in. Here’s the things I’d like to see:

  • Kill the mouse
  • Kill the monitor
  • Physical keyboard still survives, a virtual keyboard would be hell to use beyond a few words or commands.
  • Numpad I could live with being a virtual app
  • Eyelid drag and drop. If I look at a file or folder, close my eyes, reopen them on another folder or app etc - consider it drag and dropped.
  • Visioncasts - podcasts where you’re in the room with the cunts talking
  • Holonovels

I reckon the Star Trek holodeck was a bit off (kinda like how people of the 80s thought a computer would take up an entire room), but holonovels and the holodeck concept are totally coming.

Combine this Vision thing with various AIs, sprinkle in a little bit of virtual assistant.. “Computer. Give me a Sherlock Holmes-like story, I will play Sherlock, have the bad guy be Walter from Breaking Bad”

I can’t wait.