Probably about time for an update on The Year of More I reckon.

By my count it’s been about a week since the year started. My count is wrong. It’s almost been two..

First up I bought a website.. but I’ve already written about that. Also I forgot to actually make the post live. Absolute muppet.

So far what I’ve done with Hosted is deleted it a few times. Not even joking. My first mistake was focusing on the frontend, a great way to get myself stuck in the weeds, I’m not a frontend guy.. Stick that on the laterbase. I’ll probably just buy a theme or something and cram it in until I can afford to pay someone to do it properly.

Then I tried making it using Laravel Spark. Realised that was also a pretty frontend-heavy task, needing to figure out how Vue works. Scrapped it. Now I’m just using the tailwindcss preset so that I can just whip something up that works and focus on the backend.

As I wrote on the Hosted Blog -> Removing Resistance I spent a bit of time writing something that handles that $1 trial thing I was planning.. Then deleted that too.

So where am I almost 2 weeks in? Well on the test build you can create a podcast now. Dealing with episodes up next. Project planning and time estimating is fun. I should have used the Taskimator..

For your amusement I’ve somehow fallen into using flow charts for dev planning on this one. See attached.