I realised that I should stop trying to make money and just.. make.

I have a day job. It’s a damn decent day job as it happens too. Yet I keep trying to make side projects, side hustles, businesses. Why? Well I’ve figured out I do it cause I want to create something - with code because it’s easier than doing something in real life - that people value and use and I guess there’s a logic in thinking if people will pay they’ll be using it. Then I give up on it when it comes to adding the business bit because I don’t want to (or can’t?) do that bit.

Nothing against it, go get your hobbies monetized. Turn them into your day job. Sweet! Me personally though I need to chill out a bit with it. I was stressing about what was once something I found fun to do, jeez!

So aye, codey dev projects yes. The whole hustling entrepreneur move fast, break things, leave a sweaty corpse.. naw. I’ll leave that to younger nerds. I’ll tinker away on things at my own pace. Give me a moment and I’ll come back with some neat sites you can use or self-host. Sounds fun.

I’m on thems GitHubs at github.com/cohan