This is a Twitch stream related thing. Don’t click if that’s not interesting.

I honestly dunno if I’m ever going to write an actual book, so I’ll probs chuck any standaloney stuff up as posts as and when. This is a draft, it’s probably worded too mean. Don’t overthink things.

So You’ve Been Raided

Raids. You’ve gotta love them. But what should you do when you get one? This is the reason I started writing this book, whenever I see a raid arrive in a newer streamer’s channel I see the same scenario play out every time:

The raid comes in, the streamer’s follow alert goes haywire with the people flowing in. The stream instantly switches to Tech Support mode while the streamer remembers how to mute their alerts. Once that’s done they switch to Just Chatting and start saying thanks to everyone that breathes near the chat.

If you take nothing else from this book, take these two things: Know how to disable your alert notifications. Don’t change what you’re doing.

The reason I say this is that, and I’m estimating, 99% of the raids I see to newer folk on Twitch result in an instant bleed of all of the users that came in. This is going to happen anyway, you can’t avoid it - but you can at least try to entice a few of them to stick around.

The tech support thing is to be expected - you’re in shock and shocking things (your alerts) keep happening, it’s chaos. It will bleed a lot of potential viewers, but so will most things.

When you switch to Just Chatting and start thanking everyone under the sun though you have to realise you just changed your entertaining livestream (The livestream that caused the person to raid you, mind) to a mildly boring admin-work stream. You do not have to thank everyone that came in via a raid. In fact, don’t! Not people chatting, not new follows. Talk to your new chat by all means, but just sitting there thanking them is BORING. You would be better off completely ignoring the raid and continuing with what you were doing.

There are exceptions to this of course. Some of you out there are much more entertaining in the Just Chatting category but insist on playing games - if that’s the case for you, and you know that for sure, ignore everything I just said.