I started the year off with The Year of More and instead slimmed down my life to the point where I’m ditching like 80% of it.

The idea was that I was going to launch 12 sites/businesses in 2020. It didn’t start off terrible but it was quickly apparent I’d bitten off more than I could be arsed to chew.

Then of course that worldwide pandemic kicked off and all sorts of things started falling apart. Mainly my mind.

I’m moving to a smaller place. Down from a 3-bed house to a studio room inside a house share. Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s kinda tragic.. It is a very nice house share. Underfloor heating and that.

As you might imagine moving a house worth of stuff into a bedsit is a bit.. well it’s a pain in the arse if I’m honest. I was planning on using one of those self storage places but honestly I just don’t care about all this stuff. I don’t even care how much it cost (that’s probably why I’m having to move, but that’s an epiphany for another day).

Instead of spending 100-300 quid a month on storage (even though that plus new place is still less than I’m paying now!) I figure I’d rather put the difference into savings and re-buy everything later if and when it’s needed. Chances are though I’ll never use any of this crap again. Seems silly to keep it knocking about in a storage unit when someone else could be using it.

I’ll ask about mates and that but if nobody I know is in the market for any of the stuff I’m just gonna donate it all to a local hospice’s big goods warehouse where they can sell it to raise some cash. Speaking of which, if you fancy donating a few quid to them you can do so here.

So far this year I’ve created, bounced around, iterated on, killed a few creative projects. I’ve had 2 or 3 livestreaming plans for instance. No not a livestreaming site, actual outlines for shows I was going to put on. This is a theme in of itself but I bit off more than I could chew there. It turns out if you’re wanting to livestream something other than your face gurning at a game it’s kinda massively involved and something to be dedicated to creating for, or do the same thing every week. Not my style.

The first one was going to be some mad Zzzap-style show where the audience picked what to watch that stream.

Zzzap! fanart

by Scott Willetts

Livestreaming just doesn’t feel like it’s my cup of tea. At least not yet. Normal streams like gaming and live coding are.. honestly they’re just kinda boring. Not when it comes to watching, I’m not having a dig! I mean to stream. It’s not creative enough for me. I want to make something, not sit there playing someone else’s created something! I do realise writing code is creating too but it’s really not too interesting till you’re finished with it.

Anyways as that’s off the table and just to be a another type of wannabe, I’m writing a film script! It’s a comedy. It’s getting there. I’ve moved from the stage of collecting random scene ideas to getting it all put onto a timeline. This is just a hobby project and I don’t expect it to go anywhere. It’s just for fun!

I’ve still got a dev project or two in the works - I still like writing code - again though I’m working on things just for funsies rather than for any other reason. Bonus though I’ll make them open source instead of monetized. Feck it, I just want to make useful stuff!

I’ll find my thing some day. For now though I’ll just write a whole load of nothing on this site when my fingers get a bit itchy. Lemme know if you’ve got anything you’d like to read, I really do love to write.