Wanted to add a bit of spice to my life. Made a countdown clock. Need to calm myself down with all this excitement.

Nah it’s not really for day to day stuff. I want to start hurrying tf up! Essentially when I restored all of my old posts I realised I’ve been faffing around with a podcast hosting platform for literal years… and even more literal years before the posts too.

It’s time to make! The mental health is on a decent trajectory, we can chuck that on autopilot for now. Let’s build a damn business already!

Essentially this is an internal hackathon. I’m giving myself a certain datetime I need/want to be done by, and then I’ll either hit that goal or I wont. Once I’m actually good at it and not failing it I’ll try to make something interesting out of the concept.. Maybe a livestream? Livestreams and countdowns go hand in hand! Penalty being the GitHub code repo goes public if I fail? Haha.

It does a fun little blink when minutes are 00 and seconds are lower than 10. This catches my eye and re-ups the urgency in theory. If it stops working I’ll make it do the 24 boop beep noise as well as blink.

Anyway if you want a countdown for something here ya go -> countdown tool.