Anyone still using Feedburner? I’ve been avoiding it because it’s Google but there’s not really a replacement

Feedburner’s not really done anything in a while and for Google that’s not really a bad thing, it seems to have gotten some attention though as they’ve remembered it

Copy paste of the text in the image follows this image

FeedBurner is going into maintenance mode July, 2021
Beginning in July, 2021, FeedBurner will go into maintenance mode. Existing feeds will continue to serve indefinitely, and existing users can download past usage statistics and email subscriptions. Users will still be able to create new accounts and burn new feeds. However, some existing features, like email subscriptions and detailed analytics, will no longer be supported.

Yeah lets put some fire under project #8064: Feedfinish

Essentially it’s all the bits you’d need from Feedburner but made not 15 years ago. Let’s have at it.

Updates will be posted to the Feedfinish tag.