New relationship energy but for diets and causes.

I love early fuel. It’s like raw motivation. You get it when you first start something big – it comes with built in self confidence that gets you through the early unknown and the doubters. Nobody can knock my course because I’m being fueled by repurposed new relationship energy!

It’s when early fuel runs out that people bottle it too. You ever notice someone goes all in on a diet, or a cause, or something.. then 6 months to 2 years later they sheepishly back out of it and oftentimes make an over the top apology note on social media? That’s the early fuel running out.

Why am I saying this? I dunno my early fuel for something ran out and I bailed on it. There’s no point here, sorry. Just something I noticed.

How do you keep going when the early fuel runs out? For that matter how do you keep going when new relationship energy runs out? How do you decide whether to keep on keeping on or bottle it?

Happy Sunday, by the way. Hope yours is well