We ran with a podcast idea and last night we hit 1000 downloads!

Now I know, it’s not exactly a bank filler of a milestone or anything but as this is just a fun little project it’s pretty great that we’ve hit the first major milestone for Would You Like to Restart.

At this time we’ve released 7 episodes since October 2018 and have an estimated 32 subscribers so it’s almost mind blowing for us. I think we’ve hit the 1k for Chattin Bull, but not in this small an episode count!

How’d we get there so far

Not going to lie, a huge amount of it is advertising. Back when we started the Overcast Ads were down to about $60? I booked two ad slots in total with a little bit of overlap.. actually why am I trying to guess what they were. Here you go.

A screenshot from my Overcast Ads dashboard. I don’t know if I should write out everything in the image please contact me using the contact form if you have any thoughts on how to handle these images

Not sure where all those subs went, but of course they might just not be appearing in our stats yet - subscribers is an estimated value after all! Also it’s possible that people subbed up then decided to unsub for whatever reason. No big deal!

Do I think it was worth it? Absolutely. If you can afford whatever the price is at the time (prices change based on supply and demand) I’d recommend giving them look into. Obviously pick the right category - I don’t imagine we’d have done very well in the Religion or Family categories!

It gave us a pretty decent kickstart and the ads are in the right place. The thing I like about Overcast ads are that the people seeing them often actually opted in to seeing the ads and of course they’re already in a podcast client - you don’t have to explain what a podcast is. Bonus, as they’re in a podcast client they can tap right there and then to check you out.

I imagine with better copy, maybe better artwork, things like that you’d probably be able to pull more value out of the ads, but for what we wanted (a quick kickstart) they’ve provided me the value I was after.

WYLTR future

The Parsely games we’re playing currently were picked as a jumping off point while we figured out the format and found our voices. They’ve been awesome and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing them. We even got a Twitter shoutout from Jared A. Sorensen himself! The problem is we’re going to run out of them eventually!

The crossroads we’re at now though - do we go with the original idea and try to podcastify oldschool text adventure games, or do we go with a newer idea of making homebrew games?

The former may simply not work at all - long episodes, unknown outcomes, the games might be too hard(!) to complete. The latter would mean coming up with a new story every two weeks and of course Fox can’t help make the story else he’d be able to solve it instantly!

Personally I love the idea of creating homebrews, and we’re going to give it a go. If that fails we’ll likely fall back on the original idea of playing text adventures but we’re probably going to try the homebrew route first.

If you’ve got any comments of course do feel free to send feedback!

*international hand sign for money*

Honestly cash isn’t really in the forefront of our mind for this project - it’s just a fun thing we do. It’d be nice if the editing time and software was compensated I guess, damn does that take a moment or two.. but it’s not exactly bankrupting us to do this. What am I waffling about? Oh aye if you do like the show please feel free to support us on Patreon - we’ll figure out some neat rewards for it eventually!

Finishing waffle

If you’ve ever caught an episode, listened to one for 5 seconds, reviewed it on iTunes/Spotify/Overcast/etc - thank you immensely! We’re gonna keep doing this silly little project as long as we can and hope you enjoy every episode we plop onto your audio device!

Would You Like to Restart?