This is my favourite, as in number one, TV scene.

It’s not just the words. It’s all of it. He got to hear the words, the Doctor going out of his way to make it happen for no real reason other than to be nice to a struggling bloke. The sadness that this is and will always be the only time he heard such a heartfelt positive of appreciation of his art. The thought that he would then be sent back home to his lonely unappreciated existence.

Even though those powerful powerful words were said, and were heard, and fully landed.. he killed himself anyway. The underlying thread that mental health issues can’t just be solved with a singular nice moment, even if it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for anyone in the entirety of space and time.

The meta realisation that none of this actually happened and the real Van Gogh didn’t get to hear Bill Nighy’s opinion of him or any of the good bits. He just got the struggling bloke version.

Such a beautiful yet brutal moment of television.