I know, you feel guilty. You’re feeling under the weather but are you really really ill? If you’re asking that question then yes, you are.

There are a lot of job roles out there that seemingly can’t just be put on pause for a day or two while you get better - shockingly those roles always seem to be the roles you’d want an ill person taking the day off. Hospital staff, food service, retail. Unfortunately I don’t have any insight into those areas other than their sick day policies suck.

If you’re in IT though? Just take the day. If you come in to work you’re just going to spread the illness around the place making everyone else ill. Chances are your brain is all foggy and useless. Through the 6 degrees of separation you’re also making untold amounts of people ill. Those that can’t take the day off mentioned above? Maybe your co-workers live with someone in those fields - now they’re ill too and happily spreading it amongst their co-workers and customers. Nice one.

“But the entire world will collapse if I take the day off!” - Nah. Lets go to the extreme and say you broke the law or something instead of got ill. You get arrested and naturally, fired. Would the world still collapse? Of course not, it’s a business. It’ll bump around a bit until your roles are filled and in 6 months it’ll be like you never worked there.

It will do much better than that on the short term if you’re missing for a mere 8 hours. It’s business, they plan for this stuff. If they don’t? That’s on them, not you.

So please, take the damn day off and stop making me ill. *sniffles*