Spotify, wanna earn a cool milly? Give this a read.

I realise a million to Spotify isn’t worth much but still.. Anyway I honestly believe the RIAA etc would make absolute bank if they played nice instead of being daft with DMCA claims. Make it legal to use the music you absolute dinosaurs.

For the sake of argument we’ll use Spotify, but anyone with existing connections really. Allow them to charge $50/mo for a business plan that includes live streaming and VODs to up to 10,000 average viewers over the month. Scale the price up from there in increments until you’re at the level of legacy media prices.

Don’t penalise anyone who can’t justify that spend though, give them a professional plan that’s $20 a month with up to 2,000 concurrents or so. Then for the folk that can’t justify that, allow a bit of leeway as long as they’re paying for a premium plan or using the ads version.

Spotify could weave some magic with Twitch’s API so they can accurately tally up the listens. 2k people in a stream listening in to the music stream while it played on the streamer’s Spotify account means 2k counted for record sales etc. They could probably roll it out this year if all the paperwork got out the way.

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