I wanted a simple way to add chapters to my podcast episodes.

I know there’s other software out there that does this - it’s mostly all Mac software (grumble grumble) - but I wanted a nice simple web interface to adding podcast chapters. Naturally I couldn’t find one.

Enter the Podcast Chapter-o-tron. Select your podcast file, specify where your chapters need to be, hit Go. Give it a moment to upload and process and it’ll chuck you back a file with your chapters encoded in to the file.

These chapters have tested working with Overcast so far, but I imagine any player that supports chapters will display them.

To note this is the very most basic initial build of this sort of thing, so it’s missing a few things. No file upload or processing progress bar yet and if there’s an error it’ll just chuck you your file back (I know, that’s not the best).

Also because I’m just hosting it on my standard tinkering server for now if the disk fills up it’ll probably just completely fall over spectacularly. I’ll keep an eye on that for now and set it up to clean up old files automatically soon.

[Update 2019-04-22: It now auto-removes the uploaded files when they’re no longer needed]

A screenshot from the podhex chapters tool