Yes, bad things happen and that does suck. The price of getting older. But upon reflection, man - I’m not doing too bad.

Things haven’t been going amazingly recently but in the time I took off side projects I’ve been doing a bit of a thunk. It’s not all doom and gloom, it’s barely even gloom in the long run.


Splitting up a long term relationship where you’ve lived together for 7-odd years, turns out that’s a bit of a bastard. With modern banking and a bit of quick shuffling it wasn’t so much the who-pays-what side of things but more the physical items that were shared. There was plenty of disagreement on who should get what.

For back story I have stayed in the place we shared, my salary was the only one that could take the brunt of the whole household spending dumped on it so it was the most logical choice.

Something I got from a few friends and family members was that I was being way too chill about the splitting of goods situation (it involved heavy kitchen appliances and everything). Probably true, but honestly they’re only things at the end of the day. Things can be replaced. Lets just get the bandaid ripped off and I’ll sort the aftermath.

Indeed here we are what, 2 maybe 3 months later? All of the things taken have been replaced and the new counterparts installed. I’m back with a working household.

Dishwasher, oven, fridgefreezer. All up and running. I still need to get that damn wardrobe put together but that’s just me being a lazy bastard procrastinating on a large manual labour task than anything else.


You can’t have chaos without order, and my order has come from a healthy social network. Seriously, don’t let yourself get into the situation where you ditch your social network when you get into a new relationship.

Your social network is, if not more important, as important as any other relationship you’ll get yourself into. They were there before it and they’ll be there after it should that be the case.

I’d probably be a dissolved puddle of slime right now if I’d not had a handful of folks to waffle, vent, and natter with (probably too much honestly). They’re good people.

Ok but what is this post about?

Well honestly it was just a thought that wasn’t slipping my mind and writing those out is always good for a dump n’ reload. I guess there’s also a bit of pseudo-sage advice from a guy who barely knows what he’s doing. Not sure really, if nothing else it’s a quick followup to the earlier posting.

Yes bad things have happened. But the bills are paid, the health is.. in reasonable shape, the day job is good, the side projects are fulfilling, the social network is gold.

Life is good.

Social share image by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash