I did the thing where you disable your account. Also I blocked my access.

Update 2020-06-17: Feck it. Just deleted it. I’ll clean up the fallout later.

No I’ve not quit Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger. Not yet. They’re also Facebook properties. I know.

So far I’ve disabled my account, deleted all the old dev apps I had set up for various projects, shut down all my pages (I think, don’t really care) added *.facebook.com to my router’s block list.

Don’t worry, it’s only for my devices. If you come round my house you can still get at Facebook.

Why’ve you done that?

Facebook is creepy as fuck and with their new design they’ve doubled down on the amounts of ads I see. I don’t like ads, in my opinion they can all do one. “but what about my blog website whatever?”. Get a better business plan. I don’t care. Do your ads and either I’ll block ’em or stop visiting. No big deal for either of us.


from the chat at twitch.tv/Dando. aymshaman: i never use facebook its just a happy birthday graveyard

Why now?

I just sort of realised I wasn’t actively using Facebook for anything. Usually I’ve got an event planned or being planned or something that’s been the easy “nah not yet” but with isolation I’ve not got nothing keeping me there right now.

Why not Instagram, Whatsapp, etc

I like Instagram, I actively use Whatsapp (though wouldn’t be opposed to switching to something else), I actively use Messenger (see Whatsapp).

Why not just decide a comms app now? Because nobody uses anything else. I’d love to switch to Signal or Telegram or something but nobody’s using them.

Why should I care

You shouldn’t care, I’m just putting this up in case anyone asks where I’ve gone. I’ve gone from posting nothing, to posting a lot, to completely vanishing. This is in place to say “I’ve not died, I’m just not there anymore”

For my stupid witticisms, they’ll all be here. For my throwaway quips, Twitter. I might post some junk to Instagram too.

Maybe you should subscribe to my mail list for when I publish stupid shite? If you want anyway, no worries.


[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]]

I have no reason to want to contact you


Should I also delete Facebook?

I don’t care what you do 💋