Just some thoughts on the wandlore of Harry Potter, don’t mind me.

If I remember rightly, Harry blasts that werewolf’s arsehole out with a stupefy when he’s got 3 wands in his hand. Maybe wizards with higher magical ability are being limited by the wand and should give wandless magic a go to find their true power.

This theory seems to fit if we’re trying to explain how the Elder Wand works too - it simply allows the user to use more of their natural magical power in each spell.

Regular wands are like hosepipes, and have plenty of bandwidth for the average wizard. A very powerful wizard will have been picked by a wand that could conduct their magic the best it can (and maybe it gets better at conducting their magic specifically over time as they bond through use, allowing them a bit more power) - but at the end of the day it’s still a hosepipe.

The Elder Wand is like a firehose, allowing anyone with enough innate ability to fully use it without being throttled. It wouldn’t be as powerful if used by the average wizard, but chances are the average wizard wouldn’t be able to win the wand off the previous owner anyway.

It’d still be a decent wand, but the user’s spells would be limited by their power level rather than the wand’s ability to conduct it. Heck, maybe in this scenario the wizard would become exhausted, and maybe that’s why wands are built to throttle magic in the first place?

“Why don’t powerful wizards just use multiple wands then?”, I ask myself. That’d be cumbersome and hard to quick draw. Maybe in 2024 wizarding tech has perfected the tri-core wand for those with higher than normal magical power :)