Got my legs back

Backstory I used to walk about 6 miles (total, not bragging haha) a day to/from work. I’d never have won any contests or anything but I did love walking.

Then I broke my hip and lost the will to live and all that. Muscle ability dropped by like half. Then after that I got a WFH job so never really bult myself back up again.. until now.

I’ve been going for two, sometimes three walks a day - again nothing special, a couple miles here or there - and it’s been amazing so far, even the times it belted it down with rain. Turns out you can just dry yourself off when you get home. nbd.

I’ve come up with 2 TV show ideas, 4 website ideas, a physical project idea, solved 2 impossible tasks at work and a whole load of lesser tasks. All through walking. It’s like a hidden gear for creativity.

It turns out when they say exercise is good for you they don’t mention you’re allowed to enjoy it.

If you’re a creative person with a bit of fog or writers block give it a go! Take a notepad and pen with you. You can use a phone for your notes but I prefer the offline vibe to fit the walk :)

Pick a point, walk to it, allow yourself to get distracted. It’s more about taking things in than completing the goal. Get distracted, get interested, change your end point on a whim. Share monkey nuts with crows and build an army to vanquish your enemies. All the good stuff.

Not interested in running, not interested in jogging. Why ruin a good walk?