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The Year of Health resulted in an ADHD diagnosis and medication to sort it out a bit. I’m counting that as a win. Also I started walking around and that more too for exercise.

2022 is The Year of Finance

Any decision, any choice, any opportunity – if it helps me get my debt trimmed down or my income up, it’s the right choice.

Obviously morality and ethics still intact, I’m not going to start robbing grannies lol. Don’t be a bassoon

Aside from that, in dev news I’m actually working on Hosted as side project of the moment in the new year. Less distractions, more progress!

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What is a yearly theme?

This update is a snapshot of the /now/ page, which I just updated. Check it to see what I’m focused on right now. I won’t always post a /now/ update, yearly theme change felt like it was something to note though :)