Remember I was on about redirects? The thing’s almost done. You can use it if you want. Cba charging for it.

This is what you see when you log in that lists your domains

A screenshot of the domains list page. Standard unformatted list of the user's domain names

and this is what you see in the redirects configurator (click a domain name)

A screenshot of the redirects editor page, it's laid out like a table. First row is the domain name and the remaining rows are redirects I've set up, two columns from (slug) and to (url)


  • Track clicks
  • Templates
  • Bulk editor (both domains and redirects)
  • Excel import/export for everything
  • Wildcard support for domains
  • Wildcard support for redirects
  • Regex matching for redirects
  • Geo matching for redirects
  • Auto-handle www. subdomains (Redirect to the bare domain and handle as normal)


I’m not monetizing 301 redirect headers haha. Just use it.

If you feel like you’re getting value from it feel free to support on Patreon, or if you’re in a company and would like to discuss an invoice for annual support and SLA please get in touch!

I’ll add some premium features down the line but for now the base redirect stuff is free to use. Go for it.

Host My Redirect (I’ll add a landing page at some point too..)