Made a landing page and that

It’s not much but I’ve followed the only things I’ve read so far in a landing page tutorial1. Get the logo out of there, nobody cares. Get the “what we do for you” right up front. Follow that with something that makes people excited. Follow that up with something memorable. Close enough for now.

Then go into a bit of a story because this is the equivalent to a corner shop of podcast hosting, we’re not going to be butting heads with Libsyn for a while haha

A screenshot of the website

It’s a bit blue I know. I’ll look at putting the text into a white background box or something maybe. Anyway the big news is I reckon I’ve got it down to a tenner a month price wise.

Hosted - Got a podcast? Get Hosted!

P.s I’m aware I really should have a podcast for this one or something.. Let me build it enough that I can manually upload podcasts into the database or something first haha, I already cancelled my elsewhere hosting.