I’ve been tinkering with GPT-4 as part of a top secret project. This is not about GPT though. I just used it.

Short and sweet one. If you chuck this into your bookmarks you can highlight any text and it’ll open a new tab to speak the text in a dumbass voice.

javascript:(function() { var text = window.getSelection().toString(); var url = 'https://lazypy.ro/tts/?voice=willfromafar22k&service=Acapela&text=' + encodeURIComponent(text) + '&lang=English&s=A'; window.open(url, '_blank'); })()

Oh aye the GPT-4 relevance, I got GPT-4 to write the bookmarklet.

GPT-4 made the bookmarklet

Why would you want to do any of this? Well it’s in case someone gets under your skin, you can dumbass them.

I love Will, From Afar (the shouty voice)