I did a livestream out and about! Quick note on things I need to improve


An issue was that I didn’t have chat on the streaming phone. I figured I’d get round this by having a secondary phone with chat on it but honestly that was kinda naff. I’ll need to strap that phone to my arm or something

Streaming in general already takes an arm with the selfie stick I can’t go without both!


Oh aye.. why do I not just send to Twitch directly? It’s because I walk through wooded areas, they’re great for lookin at but they’re a bugger for signal. I don’t want to be starting a stream every 15 minutes or whatever if it’s a particularly bad zone. Rather have something sit in the middle to say “Signal lost brb” while I find a pocket of 4G. Twitch has it built in but it only works if you can reconnect within 90 seconds, and no custom message (unless you’re partner? idk)

I do have a second 4G connection I can run through but the handover is not too quick. I wonder if using a Tailscale VPN exit node would do that? Chuck the RTMP stream over UDP instead..

Imma try that. I’ll write any findings down in a way that isn’t all nerdspeak later if it works well don’t worry!


I need a goal for the stream. I sort of flounder a bit and go quiet when there’s no problem to be solved. Not just a destination goal as when I get there it’s like.. soooo, seeya? End stream.

Maybe if I aim to make a video for YouTube or something, with set shot points I want to hit and that then record the entire thing behind the scenes live? I’ll give it some thought.

In this case behind the scenes I was trying out golightstream’s offline protection. I should try to get a review video out of it and explain my working while I do the stream.


Doing the overlays on the middleman means I can’t see them. I think this would make sense if you’ve got a production team or something to look after stuff like that but if I can’t see it I can’t fix it

Not the end of the world I’ll move that bit to Prism, it supports browser overlays.


Tell you what is not interesting, whats not interesting is a guy who is supposed to be the 🌟star🌟 of the show not on camera and not talking.

It is super easy for me to say this in hindsight but something more actionable would be to tell a story or warm up somehow before doing whatever the stream is about. Look at Limmy’s streams - they never jump right into it. There’s a bit of banter before anything happens. Warm up your tyres before you race or something if you are a car person.

Anyway I’m also looking for improv classes. I’ll probably have to do one in Wolverhampton or Birmingham or something, small town might not have anything. I can’t do remote zoom meetings in addition to work, it’s not happening.

Where was I? Oh yeah I need more confidence. Speak louder, speak with authority, speak funnier, speak more.

If there’s no confidence, there’s no show! Might as well go post “I only do it as a hobby” on /r/twitch for all the views you’ll get out of it.

I’ll work on it.

Now that I’ve written down the things off the top of my head I’m going to watch it back and cringe myself out of existence. Toodles!