I’ve seen the domain coio.uk somewhere and am nosey

The boring answer is its just the domain I use for my home network. I was using .coio but having set up a new environment that involves a test server for all my projects I could do with a real domain to give them real SSL certs if nothing else

It also means if anything grows beyond my home lab I just migrate it out and update the DNS and it works rather than having to also re-DNS and all that

You haven’t quite hacked me if you find my internal services. They’re all on Tailscale IPs unless I’ve done it otherwise on purpose.

nas.coio.uk -> if you can even get a ping response please let me (and Tailscale) know haha

Anyway yeah what was I saying? Wanted to issue a legit wildcard cert so I don’t have to ignore warnings (I know I could have set up a CA etc etc but I can’t be arsed for my home network)

I did try for something in a .net but they wanted like 900 quid for it.. you’re alright lol

Coming up soon! I need a Zabbix server. I want to show you why Zabbix is amazing. Subscribe and that if you want.