We’re gonna make this thing work. Picture a shoulder mounted IRL camera that chat can pan/tilt

This will probably be a bad idea. If you follow this idea make sure you have a way to override it in case you go somewhere sensitive or whatever don’t give chat free reign to be a knob.

In future this could probably be replaced with a 360 camera but I don’t like how they look tbh so maybe not

Anyway. Security camera made portable. Lets begin. I want to make this work

My rucksack which has a selfie stick poking out of it, on top of the stick is a pan/tilt security camera

First things first, lets get the existing setup out of the way. I already have a portable modem. If I switch it on all of my devices would happily connect through it and (give or take networking) not realise any different. You’ll need some form of wifi if you’re doing this, or some other camera that doesn’t require wifi to work.

This means while on the move my streaming app (Prism Live something) can then hopefully use a rtmp or http to display the camera as a source. I really don’t want to lug a laptop around to do the streaming bit but it is an option. In the ideal world the phone/device doing the streaming can handle it though.

The camera also has a built in speaker but making TTS come out of it just sounds like a terrible idea. It’s an option for the reader though.

I’m going to need:

  • A way to power the camera. It needs 5V so my portable power pack outputs enough there, but how much power does the camera use panning/tilting/wifiing/etc. It might need a dedicated power brick.
  • Plugging it in. Course being a consumer grade security camera it plugs into your standard plug socket. I need a way to do that USB.
  • Wifi - Already got my end but again you’ll need a way to get the picture out of the camera in realtime
  • Browser overlay: I need to be able to use rtmp:// streams as an overlay. Ensure Prism supports it or figure something else out
  • Anything else? Let me know in the comments
  • Privacy. Need a way to disable the shoulder cam (Also have it point directly up when offline? To reassure randoms)

edit: haha I just took it for a given I’d be able to do this bit, sorry. I’ll also need an interface between Twitch chat and the camera’s pan/tilt functionality. Might need that bit.

Pop back soon and I’ll update this as I progress! It also makes sense for me to stream this so, y’know, twitch.tv/cohan

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