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Building a business

2022-05-15 3 min read

I’m actually doing something lol. I was asked what I’m doing with my free time and it turns out sharing is fun

I’m starting a business. Or something. I might be. I dunno. I’m a fraidy cat.

It’s podcast hosting, by that I mean putting the mp3 audio files onto the internet as opposed to hosting a podcast ie being one of the main presenters. It’s called “Hosted”, “HostedFM” if it’s a bit ambiguous to just say hosted when used.

Doesn’t that already exist?

Yes! Brilliant, isn’t it? No cost when it comes to validating the market! That’s a time saver and a half!

There’s plenty of other podcast hosts out there, some are even free, but they’re all missing something or other.

Ok why you?

I’ve been pulling on this thread since probably 2014. It was called back then (it’s podcast with the o missing. Whatever m8, you find a good podcasting domain haha).

I’ve got the tech chops to pull it off, and it’s about time I learned some marketing skills, let’s give it a fair punt!

I also listen to a load of podcasts so that makes me totes a podcast genius right? Haha nah. I’ve run a couple of podcasts though, one pretty successfully. Most of my feature plans come from things that were missing from other hosts when I was doing that.

Blah blah blah, get to the pitch bit

Alright. Firstly every plan, even the cheap one, has access to all features. NOBODY does this right now, imma mix things up a bit! Private podcasts, dynamic ad injection, unlimited downloads? All available on the lowest tier plan. Teehee.

Speaking of the lowest tier plan. It’ll be a fiver. In dollars a month. You’ll be limited to the one podcast feed, but other than that you’ve got the same features as an enterprise user.

The next tier comes with unlimited podcasts and unlimited episodes. $15/mo as everyone else charges $19/mo. The only dynamic or additional cost would be if you severely go over a certain storage limit (large limit, actual size tbc, bigger than a gigabyte though at least).

As for bandwidth, Cloudflare recently released R2 which I’m going to use for the storage/CDN side of things. R2 comes with no egress bandwidth fees.. yeah, that’s massive.

No cost to me? No cost to you.

Why would you do that instead of earn more?

Haha, I only have to cover my annual salary plus a bit for later expansion. I’m good.

Think of this as a digital corner shop sort of business. I’m not trying to be a supermarket, I just need to make a living.

Sounds decent or boring depending on who I am

Right?! I best shut up and get coding!